Men Are Ants
Current stable version: 0.4 (P14)
Current developpement version: 1.0 (P15)


Table of content

From sources



Get sources with git:

$ git clone

Compile and install

Forget sudo if you install it in a directory where you have the rights to, like your home directory.

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

You can use these options when using the configure script:

    --prefix=PREFIX         install architecture-independent files
                            in PREFIX [/usr/local]
    --enable-server         compilation of Men Are Ants' server
    --enable-meta-server    compilation of Men Are Ants' meta-server
    --disable-game          compilation without Men Are Ants' game
    --enable-warnings       enable warnings during compilation
                            (-Wall -Wextra -ansi and others...)
    --enable-debug          enable debug


An ebuild is available in the "laurentb" overlay. If you use layman:

# layman -a laurentb

Available versions: 9998 (0.4 git) and 9999 (unstable git). You should chose the 9998 version:

# echo '=games-strategy/menareants-9998' >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

To install and to update the package, you just have to emerge it (it isn't updated by emerge -u because it's a git ebuild).

# emerge menareants

Optionnal USE flags: debug, server and meta-server which are self-explanatory. You can also avoid compiling the client by disabling the game USE flag.


Get the Windows version here:

Extract it in a directory, then run menareants.exe.

Mac OS X

The game is compatible with Mac OS X (tested by Alexandre Pia with Mac OS X 10.4), who I thank for the adaptations he made to the sources and for the following explanations.

For your information, the procedure you have to follow to run the game with Mac OS X is not complex.

First you have to install MacPorts.

Then, to install SDL, some of its libraries and git:

    $ sudo port install libsdl libsdl_image libsdl_gfx libsdl_mixer
    $ sudo port install git-core

Then, you have to download the Men Are Ants sources the way you want (see above).

Compile and Install (MacPorts puts its tree in /opt/local, and I put my own installations in /opt):

    $ cd MenAreAnts
    $ LIBS="-L/opt/local/lib" ./configure --prefix=/opt
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

Launch the game:

    $ /opt/bin/menareants